Professional Boards

There are over 50 professions in Alabama that are regulated by licensing boards. These boards have strict rules regulating each profession and have administrative procedures for investigating and enforcing the board’s rules. Every licensing board has a statutory obligation to investigate complaints, regardless of the source, and these investigations can lead to disciplinary action against a professional that jeopardizes licensure. The administrative law process offers far less protection than the civil litigation process and this is why it is critical to understand the administrative process and to quickly respond to investigations to avoid potential suspension and forfeiture of a professional license. It is also critical to have skilled trial counsel if a case proceeds to an administrative hearing where evidence is considered to determine whether a violation of regulatory rules has occurred and the scope of any sanctions.  Our goal is to reduce the stress, inconvenience and disruption that an administrative investigation and hearing can have on you by being proactive in our efforts and allowing you to focus on your business.

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