State and Federal Appeals

The conclusion of the trial in many cases is frequently not the end of the litigation, but merely the time when the litigation moves to the appeal courts.  Parties who lose at trial often desire a second opinion, so to speak, which is available from the State and Federal appellate courts.  Rutledge and Yaghami has extensive experience in representing those who have lost at trial and file an appeal, and those who have won at trial and must defend an appeal.   

State court cases are appealed either to an intermediate appellate courts or to the State Supreme Court from the trial court usually depending on how much money is involved and how unusual the question to be presented on appeal.   Federal cases are appealed to the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the circuit in which the federal court that tried the case is located. 

It is not possible to appeal to the Supreme Court except in a very narrow group of specific cases usually not involved in appellate work.  However, a party dissatisfied with the result of the lower court appeals can petition the U.S. Supreme Court to agree to hear a further appeal of the case. 

A thorough knowledge of the rules of appellate procedure and considerable experience are the most valuable tools for a successful appellate lawyer.  All losses in the Federal and State trial courts and in the lower Federal and State appeals courts are not suitable for appeal or further appeal from an economic point of view.  A decision as to whether to appeal or to continue to appeal should be based on pragmatic considerations because appeals are expensive.  However, once the client has made the appeal decision, then the appellate skill and experience of the lawyer becomes all important. 

The Rutledge Law Firm, LLC offers to its clients great experience in the appellate courts.  The firm will always present the client with the realistic chances for appellate success or failure.    Once the appeal decision is made, then there is no looking back and all efforts are devoted to victory for the client.  It is at this time that Rutledge and Yaghmai’s skill and experience in appellate work become the firm support on which the client can rely with confidence.